Creative Collection Chapter XIII

Creative Collection Chapter XIII

The new chapter of Glamora’s ongoing collection explores five threads of inspiration: from the landscapes of the eighteenth-century Grand Tour to the language of informal art that pays homage to music; from the brutalist architecture to nature put under the magnifying glasses of mythology or of the most luxuriant gardens in the world.
Glamora Wallpaper Wallcovering Collection 13 Collection XIII

Creative Collection

The ongoing wallcovering collection, enhanced every year by the addition of a new chapter full of fresh and eclectic proposals.

Highlights from Diary

“Anyone who can see beautiful things is because they owe beauty inside them.”
Gustav Klimt
Glamora Showroom Milan

Glamora Showroom

The Glamora showroom is situated in a historic palazz in Via Solferino no. 27 in Milan, between Corso Como and Brera.